Useful Links

Summary of Pathways paths and projects – provides a summary of each Toastmasters International path and the projects which are completed for each path.

Detailed summary of Pathways paths and projects – provides a detailed summary of each Toastmasters path and the projects which are completed for each path.

The Navigator – provides a detailed introduction to Pathways (and Toastmasters more generally).

District 91 - We now have a website for our new District 91 (South) website. Feel free to go an explore!

Six Minutes - a great Public Speaking and Presentation blogs by a Canadian champion Toastie. Plenty of Toastmaster tips.

EasySpeak - Our club page on EasySpeak, where you can schedule your prepared speeches and fill club roles.

Toastmasters Meeting Roles - Find out how you can participate in every meeting.

District D91, South West London - Feel free to explore the D91 website

Grammarian Checklist - Feel free to use this when undertaking the Grammarian role.

District D91 YouTube Channel - Some inspiring videos from experienced Toastmasters

Cliche List - Some phrases to avoid when speaking.

EasySpeak Guide - Because its not always intuitive.

Guide to Meeting Roles - Our meetings are not just about

prepared speeches. There are many supporting roles too.

Some of our members have exciting lives outside of Toastmasters! Here are some of their web links:

Sonia Aste is our resident comedian, and winner of the UK & Ireland International Toastmaster Contest 2019.

Glen Savage is one of our veteran speakers and has his own speaking academy, The Purple Speaking Academy.